Band Members

George P. (Rubicon)

Vox Abuser (Vocals), System Havoc (Programming & Mixing)

Lazaros G. (xSynthetiKx)

Corrupted Chords (Synths & Piano), Perverted Voice Harmonies (Back Vocals And Whispers)

Mid 2006    

"ForeSin" was originally formed by George P. -Rubicon-, (Performing over 10 years as DJ in 

various clubs and well known places) and 

Lazaros G. -xSynthetikx- (Playing as a session musician in various bands) in Kozani, Greece.

ForeSin, as one can easily notice, are deeply inspired by their love for 

"dark" literature and horror movies (E.A. Poe, Stephen King, H.P. Lovecraft, Tim Burton, etc).

The dark side of the inner self, the dark side of all human kind, excited and excites them 

expressing their worries through their music.. For them music is not a purpose, but a passion.. 

And passion should be respected.. Without doubt for ForeSin music is a passion, regardless 

if this passion is full of morbid visions, macabre dreams and non-human situations..

Through their melodies they are trying to create a non existent world, a fantastic world, 

though full of nightmares... They are deeply influenced by bands such as: Depeche Mode, 

Diary of Dreams, Marylin Manson, etc. ForeSin started composing their first tracks immediately, 

to present their forthcoming releases...

Early 2008    

There are enough tracks available (all written, composed and mixed by ForeSin) and mastered  

at "Ghost Studios", Ptolemaida, Greece by Sakis Stefanidis and ForeSin.

Spring 2008    

Couple of concerts were given with a lot of success, and they came in contact with many zines,

portals and people that are dealing with this sound (Electro/EBM/Industrial).

More precisely:

March 14    

Performing live in Athens, Greece (1st Electrogothic Festival - Small Music Theatre) 

with very good reviews from the people attending to the show. Sharing the scene with other 

well know Greek electro/industrial bands..

March 15    

Performing live in Thessaloniki, Greece (Cybernation Re-Opening Party - 8ball Club) among 

with Cylix, in order to support their presence in "CyberTension Vol. 1" (A compilation made 

by online music portal The track ForeSin participates with, is "Haunted". 

The compilation contained 10 tunes from the local electro/industrial scene in Greece.

September 2008    

ForeSin joined "Danse Macabre Records" and are currently working on their first album, 

which will be available during the next year..

30 Octomber 2009    

Performing live in Larisa, Greece (Halloween Nightmare Party - Stage Club) among bands & DJ's from Greece and other countries.

21 November 2009    

"Enarxis" is here..The official release date for ForeSin's debut CD. The album contains 10 tracks 

and 2 remixes from the well known acts "Inline.seX.Terror" and "Kadaver Acht".

August 2011  


ForeSin joined forces with "Minus Beat" and are currently working on a new release, which will be available during the following year..

 © 2009 - ForeSin