ForeSin mix pleasurably electronic sounds with a dark touch, which is combined with 

melancholy and emotion singing. One thing is for sure: 

ForeSin are prepared well, to distinguish in their music genre..


..their music can be described as neat, catchy, atmospheric electro-goth music. 

A soulful voice interprets the dark lyrics about passion, longing, sadness .. 


The Greek musicians of ForeSin, 

put together a nice collection of emotional and deep songs.

Some of these are very dark, others are brighter and more positive. 

Even though it is considered gothic music, I am not sure if you could call it that. 

It is neither that dark nor gloomy. But find that out for yourself...


"Enarxis" is definitely an album for melancholy and morbidness.. 

Anyone cares for a "Nightmare before Christmas"?

( Album Rating: 4/5

..from the beginning, you are already surrounded by electronic sounds, 

paired with dark and emotional vocals..

( Album Rating: 4.5/6

..piano tones drip sadly from the songs and blend themselves with a driving beat, 

while setting up the basis for a possibly promising career..

( Album Rating: 4.5/6 

"Enarxis" is a surprising debut album, which certainly earned our attention. 

ForeSin combine electronic sounds with melancholic singing and create 

a mix, perfectly suitable for the upcoming rainy November days.. 

For electro and gothic fans, it is a "must" in any case..

( Album Rating: 9/10 

"Enarxis" is notable for its versatility and is definitely intended to strike one’s imagination. 

The notion to describe the CD may be a “peaceful nightmare” if somebody can envisage 

such thing, but it’s better to listen to the songs to understand what I mean.

Fans of the genre and of course everyone who likes good qualitative music, 

will find some interesting compositions on this album.

( Album Rating: 9/10 

 © 2009 - ForeSin