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ForeSin's interview in "OBLIVEON" magazine! (by  Ramona Richard)

Dark Philosophers 

ForeSin is a fresh new band from Greece, in the field of Gothic and Electro. Yet, there aren't 

that much information about them over the internet (except various articles and profiles, like 

MySpace). What these musicians created, what impulsed them to their music creations, and 

how are their lives in their home country, we’ll find out together with Rubicon and xSynthetiKx.

1) At first, Congratulation to your Debut! I am very amazed. 

You started up 2006 – “Enarxis”  is your first CD , isn't it?       

Rubicon : Thank you very much! We are very excited about it and yes it is our first CD.

xSynthetiKx : We hope people will like it and we’ll do our best in order to 

respond to their expectations!

2) Before “Foresin”, you made music as a DJ in some clubs – 

which kinds of music did you play?

Rubicon : I have been DJing for around 13 years (First time I played music in a club I was 16

years old!). I have played almost all kinds of music during these years. If I had to choose my 

favorite ones, that would be 80's Disco/Electro-Pop and underground Goth/Country-Rock style..

3) How did you came with the Project “Foresin”?  What gave 

you the last impulse to start up with a real atmospheric Gothic-Band?

xSynthetiKx : We experimented through the years in different kinds of music and played along 

with other bands (Rock, Metal). In the end, we found our true selves and inspiration in 

electro-goth/industrial and therefore, in 2006 "ForeSin" was born!

4) How did the members find together? Please, tell me something 

about your characters, hobbies and your lives besides the music.

Rubicon : Well, we were friends many years before creating the band so since our lives always

involved music activities, it came naturally..

xSynthetiKx : Besides music, we generally have common hobbies and interests like : 

cinema, literature & poetry, hanging out with our friends of course and stuff like that..

5) How did you choose this band-name?  I am really sorry, 

but this word Foresin makes no sense to me…

Rubicon : Its ok! Well, our name has two meanings, its like a wordplay. "Foreseen" in one 

hand, meaning "the things to come" (like prophecies) and on the other hand we have "sin", 

wich is obvious what it means..

xSynthetiKx : So, "ForeSin" doesn’t really exist as a word but it is written this way so it 

contains both words. "Foreseen" and "Sin". 

Also we have "For - Sin". It’s about our sins-your sins-everybody's sins.. 

Things concerning sinful events, sinful acts. Things based on sins, aroused by sins and desire..

Rubicon : You choose, whatever fits best your point of view. It’s a matter of taste!

6) You are from Greece, a very historic and beautiful country. It made me wonder 

that you looked out for the dark literature like King and Poe to get some inspiration. 

Did Socrates and the great philosophers which lived there long ago inspire you, too? 

Or is this too much cliche?

xSynthetiKx : No, of course its not cliche and we are also inspired from our history, 

but not in a point to be misunderstood and be called "ethnocentric nationalist"...

Rubicon : If you look closely in our booklet, many words and letters have the 

Greek element/substance in them. Also the CD title is "Enarxis" meaning in 

Greek "The beginning". Now, about the lyrics and generally our influences, 

we are inspired by writers that praise the dark side/beauty of life.

xSynthetiKx : We believe that all of us, have a dark side to share with everyone...

And we think that this is what we do: Expressing the so called "dark side"... 

Now mix all the above and we have the lyrics of ForeSin! And ForeSin of course...

7) Tell me something about your songwriting – 

which one/s part is this, and what stories did you work out?

Rubicon : Well, we try to work with facts and events that play 

a big role in our lives and stigmatize our characters..

xSynthetiKx : ..Facts concerning human loss, human thoughts, etc. Its really hard to express 

it in a few lines... Now about "which one/s part is this and stuff", co-operation is the answer!

8) Do you think you can establish your band in Greece? I don/t know much about the 

Gothic – Scene in your country, do you have many clubs and bands there?  

In Germany it is very (maybe a little bit too much) present.

xSynthetiKx : Obviously, the Electro/Goth scene in Greece, is a bit underground if you 

compare it with the German one. Imagine that a few years ago, we had only like.. two “goth“ 

clubs in the whole country but things are changing gradually and likewise the fans, the bands 

and generally the interest upon this kind of music is increasing.

Rubicon : It seems to us, that Greece has a lot to offer to the 

Electro/Goth/Industrial scene in the near future..

9) In the Internet it's kinda hard to find information about your Band. 

I checked out your Myspace-site, but I think, your own Homepage is not finished yet. 

When will you be ready to present your site? Will you create it by yourself?

xSynthetiKx : We have few groups and profiles in other sites too,like : Facebook,, etc. 

and we are preparing for more of course but we definitely have more to do..

Rubicon : Our home page ( is easy to find through various search engines, 

but it is not completed yet as you mentioned and looks kinda empty. We need to add more 

stuff and functions in our website and we believe we'll do it during the following month. 

Preparing the CD and generally the band’s activities, unfortunately held us back so we didn't 

have much time to deal with our homepage..And yes, the design is made by ourselves!

10) Because you aren/t that popular yet – 

do you want to tell us something more I forgot to ask you?

Rubicon : Not popular? You have mistaken us for someone else.. -just kidding- 

xSynthetiKx : Actually, we would prefer our music to speak 

on behalf of us and hopefully we won’t let you down!


I hope this album will get the success that it deserves. 

It was really nice to listen to you, guys! :)

RubiconxSynthetiKx :

It was really nice talking to you! Thank you for your kind words and support! :)

ForeSin's interview in "EBM.INDUSTRIAL.NL" e-zine! (by Ruud Dreessen)

1- For the first question will be - do you know the Netherland?

Rubicon : Of course we do! We've never been there 

but we definitely would like to visit Netherland sometime and why not give a performance


2- Do you follow the electronic music scene, do you have any other favorite bands?

Xsynthetikx : We sure do, not as much as we would like to due to our hectic program, 

but we try to keep up to date with the latest sounds

of the electronic scene.There are various favorite bands such as : 

Depeche Mode, Diary of Dreams, Marilyn Manson, VNV Nation, Apoptygma Berzerk, etc.

3- Greetings ForeSin! Could you please shortly introduce our readers 

your music project ForeSin. Please fill also a biographical resume about how, 

when and where... give us a more background information?

Rubicon : The band consists of two members, George "Rubicon" 

(Vocals,Programming & Mixing) and Lazaros "xSynthetiKx" (Synths, Piano & Back Vocals) 

The band was created in mid 2006. In September 2008, we joined Danse Macabre Records 

and in November 21st 2009, we released our debut CD "Enarxis".

A couple of gigs were given during these years and of course we are planning for some more 

in the near future. Detailed bio and news updates can be found in our official website :

4- How did you start to make Electro / Gothic / Darkwave and what is Gothic for you?

XSynthetiKx : We embrace many music genres and we exposed ourselves in 

different types of music until we created ForeSin..

We were always fond of gothic culture and music, so I guess it was meant to be..

5- What and who are some of your influences in Electro / Gothic / Darkwave?/

Rubicon : Dark literature & poetry like Stephen King, Edgar Allan Poe,Clive Barker, etc.

Various bands like the ones mentioned above, 

also horror, thrillers and dark movies like Hellraiser, Dracula, The Crow, Dark City, Oldboy,

David Lynch and Alfred Hitchock movies and tv series or comics based on discovering 

the alternative side of everyone's other self...

6- What are your top ten favorite Electro / Gothic / Darkwave Club Songs of all time? 

Who are you influenced by? What would you consider your favorite cd's?

Rubicon : At the current time, my Electro/Goth/EBM top 10 (randomly ordered):

Depeche Mode - Stripped

VNV Nation - Rubicon

Apoptygma Berzerk - Unicorn

And One - Military Fashion Show

Covenant - Call the ships to port

Diorama - Kein Mord

Wumpscut - Wreath of Barbs

Bruderschaft - Forever

S.IT.D. - Richtfest

Suicide Commando - Love Breeds Suicide

I am influenced of course by all the above and numerous other tunes and artists.

As per my favorite CDs, there are too many to mention here 

but with a quick thinking I would say:

Apoptygma Berzerk - Welcome to Earth,

Depeche Mode - Violator

VNV-Nation - Futureperfect

Rammstein - Mutter.

XSynthetiKx : Well I could say.. (also randomly ordered):

Diary of Dreams - Chemicals

Marilyn Manson - Great Big White World

Suicide Commando - Bind, Torture, Kill

Aesthetic Perfection - Living the Wasted Life

Psyclon 9 - Lamb of God

Rammstein - Sonne

Depeche Mode - Photographic

Mindless Self Indulgence - Never Wanted to Dance

S.I.T.D. - Richfest

God Module - Foreseen

Well this is only a typical playlist...There are so much songs I prefer...

Hard to recall.. :/ ...favorite CDs??? Hmmm hard to answer,wouldn't be fair to forget some...

So I will stick with my playlist.. :)

7- Do you have a favorite track and album?

XSynthetiKx : It is very difficult to choose one favorite track or album, 

however the Top 10 tracks we mentioned before include some or our favorite ones.

8- So tell me a bit more about yourself, such as musician?

Rubicon : At a very young age (I don't remember exactly, maybe 6 or 7) 

I was playing keys and later on, guitar.

However singing and writing music has helped me to express myself more.. 

Also I am a DJ in various events and parties..

XSynthetiKx : Well I started playing the piano and keys in a small age..About 5 as i recall...

Growing old I wanted to try my luck in many other musical instruments.

Influenced by the music I was listening I started playing bass (sometimes and guitar :P) 

in cover-bands (rock n' heavy metal mostly..) then, came ForeSin... :)

9- By the way do you like my questions? Tell me what you think about it! ;-)

Rubicon : Do you like our answers? ;-)

10- What is the main idea, 

the message you want to leave to people who listens to you? What is your motto?

XSynthetikX : We want people to find their inner selves through our music. 

To trouble them and make them think and evaluate every second

of their lives..Motto? This was not predicted, this was foreseen...

11- What’s the name of your band? What’s the origin of that name? 

Have you changed the band’s name before?

Rubicon : Our band's name is "ForeSin" and has various meanings.

ForeSin sounds like foreseen, but spelled ForeSin which includes also

the word Sin..No, we haven't change our band's name before.

12- Debut CD "Enarxis" where did the concept come from? 

And whats planned now that your album is finished? 

Or anything else you're working on? 

Tell me why this title, "Enarxis" Tell us a few words about the concept of this?

Xsynthetikx : "Enarxis" is an Ancient Greek word meaning,"The Beginning".. 

It symbolizes for us, our beginning in our musical career which we hope will continue well..

Rubicon : At the time we are planning our next live appearances and

preparing some ideas for our next album.

13- When's the new album coming out?

Rubicon : It is very soon to know when our second album is going to be released..

At this time, our main work is promoting "Enarxis".

14-How is the current promotional tour going for supporting this album?

XSynthetiKx : We are at the time planning it. 

Keep checking our website and profiles for further announcements!

15- What do you think of the modern Electro / Gothic / Darkwave scene?

Rubicon : There are some great music creations within the modern Electrogoth scene, 

but one must search carefully to find unique and

original sounds..

16- Our usual question - what is music for you?

XSynthetiKx : Hmmmm, music is the only friend..Until the end..

Our way to express our feelings, our connection with all of you... :)

17- What was your best live experience so far?

Rubicon : I think every gig offers great emotions and significant experience. 

In each stage, club and generally all events are different and 

valuable so we try to give our best selves each time and we enjoy every single one of them..

18- Please list the name, age, and respective instrument of each band member

XSynthetiKx : George Peslis - Vocals, Programming/Mixing and Lazaros

Gkourgkoutas - Pianos/Synths & Back Vocals.

19-What are your views on the current state of this Electro / Gothic /Darkwave scene 

in Greece. In terms of creativity and audiences? And the scene in other countries?

Rubicon : In Greece, the scene is gradually rising over the years and nowdays there are 

various interesting bands. I believe that the interest of the audience is growing in the 

electro/goth scene, not only in Greece but also around the whole world.

Definitely there are more choices now comparing with the past years,regarding bands, 

kinds of music and styles.

20- You have very nice numbers `Haunted, Temptation Damnation..' 

Tell me about lyrical compositions what you can tell about the done work? 

How does your music creation process work? How do you create a song?

XSynthetiKx : Each song has its on process. 

Sometimes you need 2 months to write a song and other times it only takes 2 or 3 days..

There is not a standard "recipe" for a song creation..

Most of the lyrics, involve the dark side of human beings, 

their pain and generally the problems and facts that stigmatize their lives..

21-What genre of music do you consider your work to be? 

Who are your major influences?

Rubicon : We consider ourselves a mix of Darkwave/Synthpop/Electrogoth/EBM music.

22-Since the music industry is more open now to purely electronic music, 

has this made things easier for you?

XSynthetiKx : Yes and no.. It is easier for us to promote our work and find a wider audience 

but on the other hand,music piracy is more present in our music genre 

as it's not an underground kind of music as it used to be..

23-So what are your main influences as a band at the moment?

Rubicon : In the past few months, goth and futurepop melodies are stuck in our minds, 

so they may reflect our forthcoming creations..

24-What is currently inspiring your material as an artist? 

Tell me all about the Electro / Gothic / Darkwave scene of Greece?

Rubicon : As always, we are inspired by dark art (movies, books, etc.) 

and real life situations and problems 

(from our experiences and not only)..

25-Do you think that people from the music press 

didn't expect you to grow up musically?

XSynthetiKx : We don't know what people expected from us. We only know what WE are

determined to give to them.. And that is, our best self!

26-what is the key to making music from ForeSin and 

what inspires you to keep growing as a musician?

Rubicon : Following our last years concerts in our home country, 

we have experienced a very warm response from the electrogoth music

audience. Considering the fact that the audience in Greece is still limited and 

our experience playing for them was so powerful,

we are sure that in a future concert abroad (where the audience is wider), 

our motives will expand and our inspiration will grow even more..

27-How do you see the future of download / Copyright in area of 

Goth-Electro / Gothic / Darkwave music ? 

What are the best ways to develop it in your mind ?

XSynthetiKx : The future of music is changing.. 

In one hand, song ripping is all over the internet and on the other hand CD sales are

decreasing every day,because more and more people are preferring the digital way, 

i.e. like buying mp3s for their ipods. Either way, the future is uncertain..

28-If there was one thing you want people to know 

about your band what would that be?

XSynthetiKx : Well, we believe that our answers covered the biggest part 

that you wanted to know about us and ForeSin.. Don't you? ;)

29-Please let us know about your upcoming plans, 

some new releases you like to confirm here

Rubicon : We have lot of things in mind, but since we are in the beginning of 2010, 

we can not reveal anything yet..Stay up to date with us for latest information!

30-It has been a pleasure to interview you on your musical activity.

Well,any last words to your ebm-industrial fans?

Rubicon : Thank you all for your support, stay true to yourselves and be open minded..

31-and what is next on Greece agenda?

XSynthetiKx : Soon we will make a couple live appearances in Greece,

and thats only the beginning.. Details soon!

32-Thanks for your time! Great work on the album and good luck with everything. 

How can fans-to-be gain access to your music?

Do you have a website with sample songs or a demo CD?

XSynthetiKx : Thank you for the interview and your kind words! 

Everything can be found in our homepage:

33-Were you asked to play or did you have to ask for a slot?

Rubicon : Both! For booking info, contact us in: 

 © 2009 - ForeSin